What To Name Your Dog

Naming a dog is a lot easier than naming a child. For one thing, a dog is a different species and has a different set of criteria. Dogs are less complex than human beings, but their intelligence and family bonding ability demands that their name selection be given proper consideration. Millions of possible names exist and sifting through them to find the right one can be a challenge. Most people tend to give their dogs human names or nicknames. Others use the names of natural objects, colors or personality traits. Dogs easily respond to a wide variety of names, so they will pick up on whichever name is chosen.

Considering the dog’s personality is an important step. A happy or friendly dog may be given a human name or perhaps the name of a favorite thing. Some examples along this line of thinking include “Blossom,” which is a good all-purpose name for a dog. Another important factor is the species and unique face of the dog in question. The aforementioned name of Blossom probably would not fit a pug, for instance. The name that occurs to the owner when it comes time to name the dog is probably the best one, and it may be somewhat counterintuitive.

Animals respond positively to names that are easy to understand. Names with one or two syllables are the best for dogs and cats. Avoid long, complicated names which will only confuse the animal and make training them more difficult. The best way to choose a name may simply be to wait a few days and observe how the animal behaves. The shorter the name, the easier it will be for the animal to recognize, remember and respond to it. The name must fit the dog in order to be effective.

A dainty or delicate dog may be named “Jewel,” for example. A dog that exhibits feisty behavior or even mischievous tricks could be named “Puck,” after the famous Shakespeare character. The breed heritage may prove useful. A German Shepherd can be given a German name, perhaps the name of a well-known literary character or historical figure like “Wolfgang” or “Siegfried.”