Warren County Dog Park

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Luray Avenue
Front Royal, Virginia - VA US
Size: 2.75 acres
Surface: grass
Hours: dawn - dark
Parking Instruction: Park in Eastham Park parking lot
Fee: No Fee, Public Park, Dog License required
Organizing Body: Warren County Dog Park Association
501c: yes
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Dog Park Description

Large Dog Area: 2 acres fenced with 5 foot wire and board fence. Long running area with trees and benches. Water fountain and poop bags available.

Small Dog Area: 3/4 acre fenced with 5 foot wire and board fence. Trees and benches, water fountain and poop bags available.

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Dog Park Reviews

  1. Carolyn on said:

    Trees will be added to the small dog portion in the Fall. Trees are in at the Large Dog portion. Rules for usage are posted on Facebook “Warren County Dog Park Association” and at the park.

    Benches should be installed the first two weeks of September 2012.

    Ribbon Cutting was at 7 PM tonight. About 100 dogs attended and were able to meet new four pawed friends.

    Thanks to the Eastham family for donating the acreage for the park, and the dream of one woman who started the ball rolling.

    This is a great place for your dogs to have a great time!

  2. Betty on said:

    Great dog park! Huge and fenced in, well maintained, with shady areas. The dog specific water fountain was excellent. Very pleased and impressed, and gave our two year old Lab a great place to get tired out prior to enduring a drive through Shenandoah National Park. I highly recommend it!

  3. PR on said:

    The WCDP is a nice facility. My concern is with the nonprofit organization overseeing the park. There is an expectation that visitors of the park are responsible for enforcing the rules. Having citizens act as representatives of the county is certainly a liability. Enjoy the park but be prepared for the rule police to have an impact on your visit.

  4. Peggy on said:

    My 17 year old daughter and 11 year old son just returned from their first visit to the park. They had a puggle with them. They were enjoying having fun when a man came up and told them they couldn’t be there. My daughter told them her age and that my son was with her. She was then told in a very nasty manner that HE couldn’t be there. They also had a ball that the dog was chasing and was told no toys were allowed. There was nothing on the sign about toys and also the sign said no one under 16 was permitted. She was of age. We will not return to the dog park which is a shame because I foster dogs and this would have been a great place to take them… Its a damn shame that some people are so mean when they should be promoting the good of Front Royal.

  5. Stacy on said:

    My husband, 1 year old son and I visited the dog park for the first time on 8/24/14. We loved it. It was clean, shade, shenandoah river was so pretty, Wonderful paved walk, which was great with the stroller. Everyone was so nice and friendly. The dogs great to see playing around. We returned on 8/26/14. I plan to make many more trips there:)

  6. John Doe on said:

    Nice park, however everyone seems to want to play boss.We were reminded of rules by several people even though we had not broken any.Kind of sacked the fun out of it.We also spoke to others who said the same…it is over policed by anal types who are fulfilling power trips.Doubt we will return or recommend it to others.

  7. Jean Whittemore on said:

    My dog was viciously attacked tonight by a large Mastiff. The owner had NO control over her dog as he kept attacking my dog over and over. Because of my dog’s thick fur, none of his bites broke the skin, but I have never felt so helpless. This happened on the path to the dog park. I plan on reporting this tomorrow, but I want to know if the dog will be banned from the park. (My father had a Siberian Husky who attacked a small dog years ago, and we were careful NOT to take him to dog parks.) I will be sharing my story with others and will not return if the other dog is allowed back there. Otherwise, the park is very nice and all of the people I have met have been very friendly.

  8. Susan on said:

    We took our 9 month old Lab to this park for the first time, and it was awesome…Herbert was so happy to be able to see and interact with others…It’s very well kept in regards to the grass and there wasn’t one piece of trash anywhere to be seen…I’m very impressed with our most awesome town of Front Royal…Thanks for this park!!!

  9. Susan on said:

    I did have a concern though about seeing people bringing their very tiny…maybe 6 weeks old puppies to this dog park…when everyone should have known that it’s illegal for any dog to be amongst other dogs, that isn’t vaccinated or has had their Rabies shot…This behavior is dangerous to all of the other dogs there…

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