Wags Park

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3810 Church Street
Newtown / Cincinnati, Ohio - OH US
Size: 3 acres
Surface: grass, water
Hours: 10 am - 8 pm
Fee: day passes and memberships available
501c: No
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Dog Park Description

The dog park is located in Newtown, Ohio, a suburb just outside of the city of Cincinnati.

Here’s some information from the Wags Park website:

  • WagTropolis™, a bigger than your house, super sized play system
  •  Natural, spring fed LakeWags™, complete with an official competition dock diving board
  •  Mesmerizing Doggie-Dodge Dancing Fountain™
  •  Pet drinking fountains, Paw Wash stations and Mutt-Mitt waste disposal boxes
  •  Speed and agility courses
  •  Three fenced acres of fun
  •  Separate fenced areas for outgoing and timid dogs
  •  Special loyalty offers for Pet Stop® brand Pet Fencing owners
  •  And much, much more!
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Dog Park Reviews

  1. Tonya Butler on said:

    What can I say about Wags…… It is the best dogpark in Cincinnati. My Daisy girl is loving her playtime at Wags dogpark. My husband and were just discussing that since we have been taking our Daisy to play at Wags she has become a better dog. It has given her a chance to socialize with other dogs in a safe enviroment. She gets to explore and run leash free. The staff at Wags offers friendly service and is very active in maintaining the park and safetly of the dogs & people in it.
    My husband and I very much enjoy catching a football game on the Wags jumbo tron with a beer while our Daisy plays her little heart out. It simply is a good time for all. Looking forward to many more days at Wags.
    Thank you for all you do in promoting healthy dog lifestyle and bringing awareness to those dogs that need love.
    Keep Barking!!!!!!!

    Tonya Bulter

  2. Barb on said:

    Wags Park is first class all the way! It’s not only like Disneyland for dogs, but it’s great fun and good exercise for us owners as well. Wags is the gem of Newtown! I also agree that the staff is terrific and the facilities are always clean and safe on top of being super fun. My dog is a lucky dog!

  3. Sue on said:

    I live about 75 miles away from Wags and try to make the trip 2-3 times a month. My dogs LOVE it there. Best park, well maintained and staffed. You never have to worry about owners not paying attention to what their fur-friend(s). GREAT place.

  4. Rachel on said:

    Wags Park is the best. Dogs are temperament tested, spayed or neutered, and up to date on all shots. It has an amazing lake for the dogs to swim in that is super blue, a dock to dive off of, an obstacle course, plenty of poo bags, and BEER. mmmm.. beeer.. Rubie and Kitty love it there!

  5. 1cintipwd on said:

    Show Dogs Need Not Apply So my rating is a BIG ZERO

    I would gladly pay and use this park since I participate in a variety of dog sports including dock diving and PWD water trials. But I have show dogs. Nevermind my dogs have to stand the stress of always being touch by strangers and being around other intact dogs. We are not allowed to join. Other reviews on different sites complain about dog fights. I would be willing to put up my intact dogs temperments and my ability to control them over the major of the pet owners using this park especially since there seems to be a number of complaints about dog fights including the staff’s own dogs.

  6. mollie on said:

    Well, you get what you pay for thats for sure. I would rather pay for a place that the dogs are fixed, must have proof of shot records and must pass a temperment test. its $ 15.00 for a single day pass. The more you buy the less it gets. I pay $ 25.00 per month to go as much as I want. They sell beer, show all the UC, Reds and Bengals games on the big screen TV. The staff are CPR and First Aid Certified and have to pass a test before they can work there:) unlike any other palce I have been!! We love it there.

  7. Taylor on said:

    I started working at this dog park in September and I honestly can say I LOVE my job. The park has so many great features, such as the big and small dog lakes for swimming, the dock for dogs to jump from, the agility courses, drinking fountain, we always have tons of toys for anyone to enjoy, and we also just put in a nice firepit for winter! The customers and staff here are wonderful and I can say wihtout a doubt all of our staff are huge dog lovers. The daycare just opened in September and it has really taken off! All day, from 7a-7p, the dogs play in the park, take breaks inside, are loved on by staff, and we have other services like the WagOMat (full self-service dog wash), Spa, and obedience classes. We sell drinks, both alcoholic and non, along with showing any requested games up on our huge TV in the park! It really is a ton of fun and there is something for everyone to enjoy.

  8. lindseytulanko on said:

    I am good with dogs and i love to take care of them and feeding and giving them water and loving them and i love working hared
    from lindseytulanko

  9. terry hale on said:

    this is the best park that you will find for your dog we have been with the park since day 1

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