Thurston County Off Leash Dog Area

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2418 Hogum Bay Rd NE
Lacey, Washington - WA US
Size: 5 Acres
Surface: grass and bark walkways
Hours: 8:00 AM to Dusk
Fee: Free
Organizing Body: Thurston County Public Works

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Dog Park Reviews

  1. juliet thornburg on said:

    Hi I have come to love this dog park Today i took my daughters female fixed dog with me with our dautsen I felt abusied by this white pit bull that should of been in the large dog side because it is aggressive and my two dogs were frightened of this dog The owner would not call his dog off so I put my leg out to block his dog from attacting my dogs . The person attact me saying I tried to kick his dog I did not I told him If i was gonna kick your dog i would have slowly putting your leg out to block his dog is not a kick . Anyway He kept yelling I tried to kick his dog I kept saying I didnĀ“t try to kick his dog I will not lie and say I did something I didnt so there you go I felt like my dogs attact had he just stopped his dog from attacking everyones dogs When i was coming in the lady said in a funny way there is two dogs up there and made a face Now I know why . I had met her before So I warn you watch out for the guy who has the white pitbull in the small dog area Dont go in if he is there with his dog . I wont subject my dogs to his abuise or myself

  2. juliet thornburg on said:

    mostly a great park only for the white pitbull and his owner

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