Thomas S. Stoll Dog Park

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12500 West 119th Street
Overland Park, Kansas - KS US
Size: Seven acres
Surface: Grass
Fee: Free
Organizing Body: Johnson County Park & Recreation
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Dog Park Description

The seven acre off leash dog area is located near the center of Thomas S. Stoll Memorial Park. The dog park has ample running space for dogs of all sizes. Dogs and dog owners must adhere to the Code of Conduct found on the county website:

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Dog Park Reviews

  1. Mel on said:

    Fun! Not extremely busy. Responsible owners. Go check it out!

  2. C.P on said:

    We’ve been to this dog park with our 2 dogs a number of times since Mid September. We have seen more dog fights break out at this park in 9 weeks than at any other dog park in the area over 9 years. And the owners of the aggressive dogs are unbelievable.

    Just this past Thanksgiving Day, we watched as a husky attacked a smaller black dog, shredding his ear and drawing blood. When the owner of the black dog mentioned that her dog was bleeding to the husky’s owner, the Husky’s owner, a young blonde woman, at first denied that the husky was her dog, then attempted to blame the other dog when all the other dog did to trigger the husky was sniff him.

    On a previous occasion, despite the no pit bulls allowed rule, we watched a pit bull tackle a small 3 year old asian child. And on another previous occasion, we witnessed an Akita attack a smaller shepherd mix dog, that required 4 people to pull him off of the other dog, wherein one person was bitten.

    We never ever have to worry about anything with our 9 year old Sheltie other than the fact, that for some reason, everywhere we go, other dogs like to hump him… he’s just a naturally submissive dog, and we are used to this… it’s ok, we usually just shoo off the other dog and console the other dog’s embarrassed owner. Our 7 month old Mini-Aussie puppy (who we adopted from a shelter when she was 4 months old after she had apparently been abandoned when she was 3 months old) still needs, after 3 months of dog parking, to develop the kind of confidence it takes to be around other dogs effortlessly. She isn’t aggressive or anything, she is just very easily overwhelmed by larger dogs and runs back to us for protection. She is overwhelmed almost every time we go to Stoll.

    Today we arrived at Stoll with our Mini-Aussie puppy, and Sheltie for some playtime. Within 5 minutes of walking through the gate, we witnessed a couple of large dogs on the far end get into a brawl, which naturally attracted all of the other nearby dogs within seconds, and soon about a dozen large dogs were involved. Only one person jumped in to get their dog. About 5 minutes later, our puppy became the target of some large excited dog. It started out friendly enough, but after a few minutes it became clear to us that our puppy was being overwhelmed from being jumped on, lunged at, nipped at, and chased relentlessly around my legs and my husband’s legs. By this point, 3 or 4 other large dogs (a Black Lab mix, a Golden Retriever, a Boxer Mix, and some Shepherd mix) had come over to join in the harassment.

    When she started snapping back at them from a submissive posture having been backed up to my feet with nowhere to escape, I told my husband I was going to stop this because it had obviously gone too far. So I picked my puppy up, and attempted to walk away. However, now the other dogs were following me, jumping up and biting at my puppy’s feet. Where were the owners? Why weren’t these dogs being called away? I eventually had to physically deflect the dogs away and when I pushed a large black lab mix with my hand, that dog’s owner finally opened his yap to yell at me to not touch his dog. We requested of the guy to control his dog and he repeated to us to not touch his dog. As we walked away, the jerk asked us how long we were going to carry our dog around. My husband responded, as long as it takes to get away from this mob of dogs… because really, all we needed was a minute away to get my dog out of a state of fear that was attracting other dogs to maul her. Is that really such an awful crime?

    The other dog owner felt that the best response to hearing that we were trying to get away from his dog was to remind us that we WERE at a dog park, and again to get our hands off of his dog, even though we had not touched his dog since the one deflection.

    So, since it was obvious the guy was never going to get it, I simply said, this is stupid, let’s get out of here… and the other guy said, “Good, get out of here, you’re not welcomed here.”

    Even though my dog wasn’t the problem and I was trying to de-escalate what was quickly becoming a bad experience for my dog, who I am trying to provide positive experiences for, I am not welcome. Wow… just… Wow!

    We ended up at Shawnee Mission Park where we experienced no further problems. I take my dogs to a dog park to be socialized… not to be terrorized by careless, ignorant assholes and their idiot poorly behaved/controlled dogs.

    Again, despite a clearly posted sign that states “No Pit Bulls”, There’s always some jackass there with one. And it’s always the larger “mean dogs” who aren’t neutered either.

    Even though we like that it’s all fenced in, and we have met some really good dogs there, we’re done at Stoll. The attitude that it’s ok to allow dogs to scare the living shit out of other dogs and get into dog fights because it’s a dog park is unacceptable. The retards can have it all to themselves. As much as I love dogs, I hope one of theirs loses an eye in what they apparently condone as good dog behavior.

  3. Toby on said:

    I find it interesting that the person that wrote the previous review specifically mentioned that the child the “pit Bull” knocked down was Asain. Typical of people that think like this. The saying goes…. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

  4. Cathy Hoag on said:

    Yesterday, July 1, 2014, I witnessed a small white dog being viciously attacked by a large dog right by the entrance. THE OWNER OF THE BIG DOG WAS NOWHERE IN SIGHT!!! I myself was leaving because of an aggressive dog pawing my small dog. The aggressive dog would not leave my dog alone. I asked who the owner was and nobody knew. THE OWNER WAS NOWHERE IN SIGHT. It was clear I had better leave. On my way out is when the dog mauling occurred. It was disturbing to see as the little dog’s owner became hysterical as big dog attacked. Again, WHERE WAS THE OWNER? Judging by the attack I would guess the dog is dead.



  5. Jill on said:

    We were just at Stoll park walking the trails and were observing the off leash area as we walked by with our dog on leash to check it out. Dogs and people seemed to be getting along. We were concerned about people congregating near the main opening/exit. We look for the dog community to be savy about the environment and a clear entry/exit is crucial. We will observe it again but we may not attempt this park. It was nice to see all the people and dogs getting along though.

  6. Bryan on said:

    This is a nice park located in Overland Park.
    As with any off-leash dog park a few things might help before you visit with your dog:

    1. Don’t bring children in
    2. Don’t bring food in, including dog treats, some dogs are food aggressive.
    3. Don’t bring your dog in if it is poorly socialized
    4. Don’t bring your dog if you have never walked the animal personally. If you are not calm and assertive don’t come in.
    5. Don’t congregate and stand around for too long; dogs are pack oriented and will establish a pecking order fairly quickly
    6. Keep an eye on your dog, don’t bring your dog in if you don’t know how it behaves with dogs running around chasing each other. Dogs wrestle, play, show teeth ( they have their own language, barking, showing teeth and adjusted their head, ears and tail.
    7. Don’t bring your dog in if you are nervous or unsure. The dog can sense your energy and may act aggressive because you are nervous.
    8. Don’t leave the leash on in a off-leash area, other dogs will think something is wrong, come up and check it out
    9. Don’t carry your dog around inside the park.
    10. Most scuffles are dogs working out dominance, don’t panic and start yelling, screaming and flailing around causes dogs to become more aggressive because they think you have joined in on the fight
    11. Don’t attempt to separate dogs fighting with your bare hands, even your dog may bite you.
    12. Get your dog spayed or neutered before you bring them
    13. Learn about your breed before you come in
    14. Understand they are not human, they are animals and are still instinctually wild.
    15. Be civil and realize most people don’t bring their dog in to start fights, ignorance causes issues

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