Stragent Dog Park

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Longview, Texas - TX US
Size: 3 acres for small dogs and 6 acres for large dogs
Surface: Grass
Fee: Free
Organizing Body: Longview Dog Park
501c: Yes
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Dog Park Description

Pets and their owners enjoy the benefit of 3 fenced acres for small dogs and 6 fenced acres for large dogs enabling exercise, socialization and the beauty of Longview’s piney woods

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Dog Park Reviews

  1. Rachel on said:

    My dog loves this park. There are two parks so you don’t you have to worry about the little dogs getting hurt playing with the big dogs, there are benches and water fountains (but during the winter the water is turned off), both of the dog parks have ample space to play and run and most of the people you meet are nice and take good care of their dogs. As was with any place with dogs some owners don’t care, they don’t correct bad behavior and they don’t pick up their dogs poop. and some people will bring their aggressive dogs to the park and there have been fights, when my dog was a puppy he was attacked two different times, (he was fine, and it didn’t effect him, but I’ve talked to other people who have had their dogs attacked out there and there dogs are scared around other dogs now) so you do have to be careful and watch the other dogs. when it rains the large dog park becomes a flood plain, and there will be puddles for up to 2 weeks after, most of the dogs love playing in the water, so expect your dog to get muddy. (there is a hose outside of the large dog park so you can wash them off before leaving) The little dog park doesn’t have a problem with this and will be dry normally the day after it rains. the little dog park is also mostly forested so there’s lots of shade but the large dog park only has a few small trees and only one small collection of taller trees, so there isn’t very much shade in that park. but on the whole it’s a good park, my dog loves it and he always has a good time, he is always exhausted when we get home,

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