Sheboygan Falls Bark Park

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900 Hickory Street (Rochester Park)
Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin - WI US
Size: 1 acre
Surface: Grass, mulch, some stones
Hours: Sunrise to Sunset
Parking Instruction: Parking available
Fee: Donation
Organizing Body: City of Sheboygan Falls and local Girls Scout Troop
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Dog Park Description

Located at Rochester Park, the Sheboygan River borders the dog run to the south.

Another dog run is planned for Sheboygan Falls on the northwest side, likely in 2013.

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Dog Park Reviews

  1. Craig Hoffman on said:

    Very nice doggie park where you will always have your eye on your dog as it is only one acre. Lots of shade and benches.
    The Yahoo Map listed below is not correct. The map isn’t even of Sheboygan Falls.
    Rochester Park is just south of Broadway Street (Hwy. PP) on Hickory Street.

  2. Ken on said:

    I’m a regular attendee at the dog park. The park is small (one acre approximately) and features two grassy areas with a mulched area and lots of shade trees in the middle. There are also four benches available to sit on. Dog park is lined to the north by the outfield fence of a baseball field, so some dogs might show some interest if a ball game is in progress (and a few of the balls are known to enter the dog park from time to time). Along the southeastern fence is an adjacent river, so sometimes you will see wildlife (mostly geese, but i’ve seen deer a couple times) which will probably give dogs something to look at. A good number of parking spaces adjacent to the entrance (if the kids lose interest in the dogs, there is a playground on the opposite side of the parking area). Dog park is lit at night, although as of this writing the lighting on the east end is not functioning. Only drawback (besides owners who don’t pick up after their dogs) is that after it rains, and especially in spring, it’s muddy in some spots. Dogs won’t mind, but I believe the owners would. This is a good dog park for those looking to give their dogs some running room but not lose site of them. For those needing a lot more space, consider the Sheboygan Dog Park off 18th Avenue and Weeden Creek Road.

  3. Marcie on said:

    I am also a regular visitor to the dog park. Many people contribute to the amenities at the park. There is no water, so please bring your own. There are bowls there (left by dog owners). There are always toys at the park for the dogs to play with. Numerous balls, and various chew and throw toys that have been left there. And because of the trees there are also sticks to play with (if your dog is so inclined). There are several regular attendees who go around and pick up after the dogs who’s owners have not. We all try to keep it a nice dog park for everyone.

  4. becca on said:

    I’ve heard it is a wonderful dog park with that being said I’m a little upset that it isn’t open yet.can someone please tell me when it will be open

  5. Craig on said:

    The city is regrowing the grass in the Sheboygan Falls Bark Park and has not set a date to reopen. I’m guessing it won’t be in 2014.
    The other one originally planned for the new park on the northwest side of town has been taken off architectural drawings for reasons I do not know.
    Your only other choices for dog parks are the 18th street one on the far south side of Sheboygan (about 8 acres) or a much smaller one in downtown Plymouth (half the size of Sheboygan Falls Bark Park).

  6. marlowe on said:

    Is it fenced in?

    My Husky got out of the 18t st. park twice.

    can my dog dig under the fence?
    Can he jump over it?

  7. Craig on said:

    The fence is about 5 feet high, so I am guessing he could jump it if he did the same at 18th Street.

    I would guess him digging under the fence is not a problem as it is much smaller than 18th Street and you would have plenty of time to stop him from doing it.

  8. Robyn on said:

    It’s great spot. Fenced in and clean. Spacious.

  9. Kris Karl on said:

    Open the dam gates!! Nobody gives a shit about the grass!! It will be tore up anyway!! Dogs just wanna play! But the dumbass that cuts the grass can leave big ruts down by the river!!!

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