Schuylkill River Park Dog Run

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25th and Spruce Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - PA US
Surface: Limestone gravel
Fee: Membership of $20.00 requested
Organizing Body: The Friends of Schuylkill River Park Dog Owners' Association
501c: Yes
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Dog Park Description

Parking along 25th Street, do not park in front of neighborhood garage doors.

Dog park rules:

Do not leave your dog unattended.
Do not bring a bitch in heat into the run.
Do not bring food into the run.
Do not bring toys that cannot be shared.
No biting, fighting, or bullying.
No digging — if your dog digs a hole, please fill it.
Do clean up after your dog (it’s the law).
Do use the trashcans for trash and dog waste.
Do use “common sense” concerning your safety & the safety of others.
All dogs must have a valid Animal License to use this dog run.
No children under 12 permitted without an adult. Parents are strongly advised to keep children under 10 out of the dog run in the interest of their safety.
Owners of small dogs have priority for use of the small dog area.
Use “common sense” before bringing small dogs into the large dog area.
It is illegal to have your dog off leash outside of the dog run.

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Dog Park Reviews

  1. Maryanne Conheim on said:

    At present, because of bridge construction, there is a temporary dog run with a surface of wood chips that dogs and dog owners like very much. Some time in the fall of 2012, however, the Friends of Schuylkill River Park plan to install a synthetic plastic product called K9 Grass in the permanent dog run upon completion of the bridge project. Another group, Citizens for Saving Schuylkill River Park, is opposed to the use of K9 Grass in the dog run on the grounds that some of the components are carcinogenic, and that if dogs accidentally ingest the plastic grass, over time it can cause liver failure. There is also an antimicrobial called AlphaSan imbedded in the product, which, if ingested, is harmful both to dogs and the environment. (And, since the dog run is close to the Schuylkill River, it seems unwise to put aquatic life at risk). If you plan to be a regular user of the dog run, please write or call the Department of Parks and Recreation ( and ask them to reconsider using K9 Grass.

  2. Maryanne Conheim on said:

    It’s all-plastic (really!), it’s dangerous, it’s dirty, and it’s far too small for the large number of dogs that crowd into it every day that the weather is decent. On the days when there are no park guards around, many people let their dogs run free in the park, outside of the chain-link fence, where there is real grass, and at least a few trees left after the, er, “remodeling” of the park last year. Because some genius banned trash containers inside the dog park, people actually throw doggy refuse over the fence, and many of the bundles of poop land nowhere near the trash containers outside the dog run. Oh, and the escape route between the large and small dog runs was recently chained shut, so that it is now much harder to get to safety with a dog that is being mauled by a bully.

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