Rose Mofford Sports Complex

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9833 N. 25th Avenue
Phoenix, Arizona - AZ US
Size: 2.65 acres
Hours: 630am - 10pm
Fee: no
Organizing Body: City of Phoenix
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Dog Park Description

Fenced, 2.65 acres with grass surface, double-gated entries, benches, trees, water fountain, disposal bags, trash cans, separate areas for large and small dogs. Access for the disabled.

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Dog Park Reviews

  1. CopperState Native on said:

    The park itself had potential: chairs/benches, water, several trees, a lot of pooper scoopers and trash cans, etc.

    The park was dirty, a lot of dog poop (no one using the pooper scoopers provided). I visited this park on a week day afternoon, there were about a half dozen people there, and about a half dozen dogs.

    I understand all dog parks have their regulars who know each other, this was my first time visiting this dog park. I was greeted by rude, aggressive, barking dogs at the gate with no owner intervention. I continued walking my dog on leash to give her time to acclimate to the new environment and walk away from the rude dogs.

    During my visit to the dog park, a couple of the dog owners did help their dogs mind their manners, most did not. Typical of dog parks, the best place to find the worst dogs.

    About the same time I arrived, two men came with a dog, obviously in training, on a lunge line. Same scenario for them, rude dogs greeted them at the gate with no owner intervention. What looked like a dog trainer, ignored the dogs and continued walking his dog briskly through the dog park.

    Later I heard a woman screaming at the trainer, challenging him to fight a woman. After that many of the regulars left the dog park. It was quiet for a while (thank goodness).

    A short time later a man started screaming, swearing and carrying on with threats to the “old man” with the dog on the lunge line. Because this was the second outburst I heard, I took a video (link below).

    Because I kept my distance from the regulars, I could see that the man leading and training his dog had no effect on the people at the park or the dogs. Other than general sniffing, I didn’t see any inappropriate behavior from the leashed dog. I don’t know what the issue was, but clearly uncalled for behavior from a total stranger.

    I will NEVER visit this dog park again (that should make the territorial regulars happy), it’s not clean (a reflection of the regulars who visit this dog park, because the tools to keep it clean are there) and clearly unsafe for newbies.

    Need proof that the regulars are crazy? Here you go:

  2. Jo Johnson on said:

    Reading a negative review written by Copper State Native on February 7, 2014 in regards to Rose Mofford Sports Complex’s dog park I stayed away until Wednesday October 15, 2014 late afternoon approximately 3:30. There was no dogs in the big dog area for my dogs to meet and make friends. Yes, I did come across dog feces, while walking my dogs around although not the amount I had anticipated. Today after debating as to whether I should take a chance on the safety of the dogs and myself, finally, I decided to try. Keeping the leashes on my dogs upon entering the park for safety sake, I walked them over to a group of people sitting in chairs. They were older retirees. Of course, there were a few younger people.
    As it turned out, these people had grown to know each other and I had a wonderful time visiting and watching all the dogs, including mine, doing the same. At one time when I thought my dogs were not getting enough exercise, I took a pooper scupper with me while walking around the park, the dogs following; to pick up any poop I saw. There was nothing. I did see people pick up their dog’s excrement. I am sorry Copper State Native encountered such a negative freak situation. By the way, these people have been coming for years.

  3. LilyDog on said:

    Oh my goodness. Yes people are not well mannered these days. IT’S EVERYWHERE. Surprise surprise, mon chere Copper State Native. I often find myself shuddering at the behavior I see around me on a daily basis. Welcome to Reality 101, the Me Generation left nothing for the Apathetic Generations that have followed who only want to find a practical way to practice hedonism…. Now that’s a happy thought about our future leadership….

    But apart from the shoddy side of humanity, I rather like the Rose Mofford Dog Park. I stick to the small side, as I have old, small dogs. The crew on the small dog side are real friendly and easy to talk to. You don’t have to be a regular to feel like one. Considerate owners are always welcome. People will bring a big Dog to the little Dog side from time to time, but these big Dogs are gentle and don’t intimidate the little ones. We are pretty good about asking someone who has brought a dog who is not acting well with the little guys, to take their big Dog to the big Dog side without animosity on anyone’s part. The majority of the people I have met from the Dog park are very current about dog behavior and do not scream at their dogs, and understand that DOGS are DOGS, and Dogs bark, and sniff and snap, and it doesn’t always signal the onset of bad behavior

    Copper State Native, I agree with you. Some days there is entirely too much Dog POOP at Rose Mofford. I used to complain a lot about people picking up after their Dogs. To this day, it never ceases to amaze me how people leave their Dog’s POOP right by the trashcan… How do you miss something like that, ya know? I don’t understand that kind of stubborn, lazy, selfish behavior , it seems so deliberate…. See? It is easy to complain, but that stuff only gives you cancer. So be the change you want the world to be, pick up the poop, toss it and enjoy time with your Dog! People on the little dog side are easy to talk to, and typically seem to be a little better about keeping their eye on their dog(s). I have yet to see someone who missed their Dog’s POOPING be upset when the ‘land mine’ is pointed out.

    I don’t recognizer any ‘regulars’ in the Youtube post. The video looks to be of the large dog side. I have seen that type of behavior before, but it was at the Echo Mountain Park off of Grovers and Cave Creek. I would recommend avoiding that Dog Park.

    I have met some terrific people at Rose Mofford Dog Park. As off leash Dog Parks go, it has pretty much what I need, room for my old lady Doggies, lots of shade, easy parking, friendly people, water and chairs. A quick note on the chairs and parking, however; remember Rose Mofford is big, busy sports complex, and at times all the ball fields are being used. If that occurs at a popular time for the Dog Park area, one may have to park across the street and bring their own lawn chair.

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