Rice Creek Off-Leash Site

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5959 Lexington Avenue
Shoreview, Minnesota - MN US
Size: 13 acres
Hours: dawn to dusk
Organizing Body: Ramsey County parks
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Dog Park Description

Flat prairie vegetation, tables, trash cans, parking, small pond.

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Dog Park Reviews

  1. Bob Barker on said:

    Great Dog Park! However, another break in at the dog park. Car window was smashed and personal items stolen from the car. Two yesterday (Saturday 09-22 and one today just before we arrived around 5pm). This happens often and even during busy times at the park. Some one(s) is/are casing the area and taking advantage of anyone leaving a purse or cell phone in the car. Law enforcement is aware of the problem but, does nothing to try to prevent the break ins. (The victim called today and a report was not even taken by the Ramsey County Sheriff’s Department. Lots of care and concern from those Guys. Not. Maybe a surveillance camera in the parking lot would help? Big Brotherish I know but, these break ins happen ALL the TIME! Any suggestions?

  2. vicki on said:

    I don’t know what this map is showing but I don’t think it is Shoreview MN.

  3. Gayla Marie on said:

    Miss Widget, my friend Molly & I had the most wonderful time at the dog park today. Miss Widget told me it was her ‘Best Day EVER!’ We hope to make visiting the park part of our regular routine. So glad we went.

  4. lucinda ehrich on said:

    I wont be back !!!

    A woman named Liz with a “new adult dog rescue” sat at the picnicking table in the middle of the park and let this dog off leash.

    My 1 year old 20# beagle and I came upon them and her dog was charging me with teeth showing and barking. My Beagle ran away but I froze in fear. Bashed by a dog and broke my leg at the park last August and still limping.

    I asked Liz to get her dog but she refused. She told me to yell at her do and scare it away. Just made her dog more upset.

    I dialed 911 for help. Liz just made fun of me. But did get off her butt and get control of her dog and move away from my blocked trial.

    Today a friend of hers came up to tell me I was a bad person a got it all wrong. That Liz is wonderful and rescues all kinds of dogs and works with special needs children.

    I don’t care. Too many “rescues” coming to this park. Pity isn’t want rescues need they need the hard work and commitment of training.

  5. Wilma Georgina on said:

    Went to this park today and was amazed by the number of people and dogs. My 2 sons age 10 and 8 went too with our rescue dog of 2 weeks. We all had a great time. 13 acres is a lot of space. We liked that we could go into a pond area that was completely enclosed off. We give this dog park a 5 out of 5 and we will be going back.
    It is sad to read the review above where by rescue dogs and owners of rescue dogs got a bad wrap due to one.

  6. Michelle on said:

    I always come here haven’t been there in the last few weeks but kind afraid to go I heard on Facebook that 15 dogs have been poisoned from laced dog treats with radiator coolant or pins? Any news on this?

    Gotta keep alert at all the dog parks.

    ATTENTION: Please be on alert if you visit the RICE CREEK DOG PARK off of Lexington in the north metro! There have been cases as early as this morning of dogs being poisoned by treats left in the park. Treats have been laced with coolant and/or pins it seems. Sounds like at least 15 dogs have been affected. Please be aware!!! Get the word out!

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