Red Oaks Dog Park

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31353 Dequindre Rd
Madison Heights, Michigan - MI US
Size: 5.2-acres
Hours: 8 a.m. - 9 p.m.
Organizing Body: Oakland County Parks
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Dog Park Reviews

  1. Carlita Williams on said:

    I’m not writing this review to bad mouth the park it a awesome place for animal lovers to bring there pets to enjoy other animals and for owners to make new friends. Myself I had a bad experience that took place August 25, 2012 @ 8:15 p.m. my beloved puppy CoCo was killed by another dog who was out of control. We were only at the park for five minutes before this dog attacked my puppy shaking her twice and then releasing her lifeless body. Myself and others came to CoCo’s aid but we were unable to release the dog and get my dog who had bitten a lady who was trying to help. I just want to thank the people who tried to help and apologize to the young lady that CoCo bit. I rushed my dog to the hospital but she died on route to the hospital of lung damage and blood in her trachea. The owners of the dog could only apologize for there dog attacking my dog by saying oh your dog must of reminded her of her chew toy cause she is black.. That really hurt me and it seems like they would have tried to leave me information but they did not.. I don’t want anything from them not even there apology I just want there dog to be punished and not be able to attack another dog and kill like they did mines. Now me and my family are devasted and my two young children had to witness there beloved pet be killed and shaking like she was a rag doll.. R.I.P. CoCo 12-22-2001 / 08-25-2012 we love you and miss you so much.. <3

  2. Jennifer on said:


    So sorry for your loss; that is absolutley horrific! I can’t imagine that this dog was not punished or at least banned from going to any other dog park. I would certainly pursue some type of resolution. What kind of dog was this, I will look out for this dog and perhaps try myself to get this dog banned from ALL dog parks.

    Again, so very sorry for your loss! Jennifer

  3. Sharon on said:

    As often as I can each week, I take my two small dogs to Red Oaks Dog Park. As my yard is not fenced, this is place is a Godsend as my little dogs want to run, romp and play. There is a small dog area for dogs under 25 lbs. for a safe environment. Small dogs can go into the other areas “at risk” and play too. I do both. It is important if you have your small dogs in the big dog area to get a feel for the dogs. I avoid going in there when I see the large dogs playing in a pack, watch for certain breeds that instinctively will go after small “prey” – and I am always conscience if they will inadvertantly get trampled by the big dogs running. Too many big dogs, I don’t go. It is awful what happened to the woman above in the killed dog review. Unfortunately, if you go in an area where there are big dogs, it is a risk that you take. It is true that not all the pet owners monitor their dogs. I have had a couple of situations where I have had to pull a big dog off my little ones and fortunately they were not hurt. I was however in the big dog area and not in the small dog area.

    I write this review, because I do want to see more small dogs at this park and don’t want them to be frightened off because of the death of CoCo. That event was tragic, but not typical. If more small dogs visited, then those of us with small dogs would not feel we need to enter the big dog area because we would have small dogs to play with. There are so few that I personally enter the big dog area at risk to have other dogs for mine to play.

  4. Madison on said:

    I happen to check the website and come across this poorly written review bashing yet again, another dog. In regards to Carlita and Sharon, and anybody else interested in finding the solution to dog attacks or bites. As always sorry for your loss, Carlita. However, that does not negate your response to the attack. What really hurt you? Was it the dog, or was it the human’s reaction to the attack? No dog should ever be “punished”. These are not children, they are animals. The humans are fully responsible for exercising and disciplining their dogs. They should also research breeds BEFORE takng on a more active dog. Dogs react to other dogs because of the human’s upbringing. So Carlita AND Sharon, the humans, should be guided to better understand the responsibility of properly socializing the dog. This means every day they are practicing routines to exercise (walks, jogs) and taking their dogs around people and other dogs. Yes, it is work. The benefits are rewarding. I understand this may sound forward, but too many times the dogs are blamed for the failure of the human. Small dogs can and should be around large dogs. There was no difference when they evolved. Puppies especially should be carefully supervised as they are learning from the mature dogs. It is ultimately a “pack” they form at the dog park. When new dogs come in, it is a form of acceptance into the pack.

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