Nails in Cheese in a Dog Park?

Cheese with Nails in a Dog Park

Photo of cheese with nails found at a dog park in Buenos Aires. Source

Alleged dog park photo being shared on Facebook and Twitter

Over the last few days, a photograph of pieces of cheese with nails embedded in them has been posted and shared on various Facebook and Twitter accounts. The photo comes with a warning for dog owners to be on the lookout for similar items in local dog parks. The photo seems to imply that the person holding the cheese had found them in a dog park, and of course if a dog happened to be unwittingly enticed to eat one of these “treats,” it would cause serious injury and possibly death.

According to a report on, the photo is likely not associated with a dog park in the United States, although it’s certainly a scary scenario no matter where they were found. The Fox article cited another article on a Spanish language website, where the photo was posted with the translated caption, “The food was found in Centennial Park kennel.” This article was referencing a dog park in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and it was originally posted in July of 2011.

In the past, there have been reports of people spreading rat poison and doing other things that could endanger the lives of dogs who visit local dog parks. Unfortunately, no matter where you live, there will always be sick people who derive pleasure from inflicting pain on dogs and other animals. Dog owners need to be cautious when in dog parks and public areas to look for things that are out of place and may pose a danger to or hurt our dogs.

It’s unlikely that something like this will happen in your dog park, but you should always look out for things that appear to be abnormal. Additionally, there are likely other issues that would be more likely to cause problems for your dog at a local park, including stale water, holes in the ground, broken fence or holes underneath a fence, aggressive dogs, and other common issues.