Joe Station Bark Park

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2279 Charles Page Blvd.
Tulsa, Oklahoma - OK US
Hours: 5 a.m.-11 p.m.summer, 5am - 9pm winter, closed Wed until noon for maintenance
Organizing Body: Tulsa Dog Parks
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Dog Park Description

Located in a former baseball field. Named for one of the trolley stops previously located close to the park along the historic Interurban Line that once connected Tulsa to Sand Springs.

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Dog Park Reviews

  1. Russ Radtke on said:

    Park Water!!! The water spigot is operational all year round. How ever it does freeze up. This is due to only running small amounts at a time. ( one bucket.) The manufactures web site says if it does not shut off when you let off of the handle, DO NOT PULL UP ON THE HANDLE!!! it may take 30 to 40 gallons of running water to thaw the valve.

    PUSH DOWN to operate!! DO NOT PULL UP!!!

  2. Jennifer on said:

    The rules of the park should be larger and on the outside of the fences on both sides.
    They are so small that no one pays attention to them.
    Individuals keep bringing very young puppies that
    are proving to be a hazard. These puppies have
    not been vaccinated, susceptible to pin and heart worms,
    and have been the impetus to predatory dog behavior.
    The people who bring these very young animals
    think am adult dog will not hurt their puppies. Wrong!
    I have had to leash my dog twice because of these puppies.

  3. Amanda on said:

    We usually go to the dog park on 91st, but it is closed on Mondays & Tuesdays. So I thought I would bring my two dogs down to this park. There were only 2 dogs in the small dog side and one of my dogs is a whippet mix so she loves to play and run with big dogs. As soon as I brought her over there, the care taker of the park approached me and told me that my dog wasn’t have a good time and I should bring her to the other side. So I took my dogs to a corner in the big dog side away from the other owners and dogs. They were playing and having a good time. He decided to come back over and tell me that one time he saw a little dog like mine get its neck bit and almost died because the owner brought their small dog to the big dog side. He then kept telling me that my dogs weren’t having a good time and that as a dog owner I shouldn’t have them in the big dog side. I immediately put on their leashes and left. As I was leaving a dog owner came to me and told me that I don’t have to leave, it is my decision to have my dogs on the big dog side and that he thought they were fine. Well I will NEVER go back to this park or recommend it to anyone. This old man, the care taker, had 2 large dogs with him and while cleaning he allowed those dogs to go into the small dog side. Which is 100% against the rules of the park. He also didn’t have collars, leashes or tags on these dogs, which is also against the rules! Not only was I following all rules while at the park, but this man had the nerve to yell at me and tell me what to do even though it was at my own risk, while he was breaking 2 rules of the City of Tulsa’s dog policy for the dog parks. NEVER GO HERE!

  4. chloe on said:

    we brought our two pups here a few weeks ago and had a lot of fun. well maintained, nice dogs, clean. We are going again today, i would recommend.

  5. David on said:

    Black chow mix with leather studded collar not neutered. Owner grey beard cap suspenders old hippie. The chow mic attacked my dog and we are home now i’m not sure if he is going to make it. The owner of the other dog did nothing to stop the attack. This dog has attacked other dogs at this park and the owner just keeps bringing him back. Im posting this because this is a very dangerous situation.

  6. kris on said:

    Decent park. Though what do we do if dogs that aren’t neutered or under 6 months?

  7. Teresa on said:

    I have used this park a couple of times. however, this last weekend will be my last time. The park is nice however like any public place there are people who seem to think that it is there for their own personal use. My husband and I took our large breed 1 yr old pup to the park for her to get some exercise not to be intimidted and bullied by a pack of 3 dogs. I am familiar with dog behavior however, if an owner brings a pack of aggressive dogs in to the park it is their responsibility to control the pack. The owner should be able to recognize the difference between aggressive and playful behavior. I will not be returning to this park because I do not want my dog to have fearful dog aggression. I hope and pray that no dogs get injured in this park due to unattentive dog owners.

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