Indoor Dog Parks

Indoor Dog ParksMy wife and I enjoy taking our dog to the local dog parks. We live in New York City, and there are a number of dog parks in our neighborhood from which to choose. Some are more pleasant in the morning and others seem to be better in the afternoon. Although there aren’t many indoor dog parks in NYC, it’s a great concept.

With an indoor dog park, there are no worries about the temperatures or weather forecast. They are generally cleaner and tend to have more amenities, although they aren’t usually free like most public dog parks. Here’s some information about indoor dog parks.

What is an indoor dog park?

Indoor dog parks are areas where owners can take their dogs for exercise and bonding. Like their outdoor counterparts, indoor parks give the animals a place where they can run and jump, but without the unpredictable elements of nature.

Why do some people prefer indoor dog parks?

There are many advantages to an indoor dog park. Because they are manmade, the temperature and weather can be controlled, something nature won’t allow. No matter the season, an indoor dog park can provide owners with a reliable environment for their dogs.

Indoor dog parks can also provide more stimulation to the animals. They have ramps, slides and hurdles for the dogs to improve their strength and agility. Indoor dog parks are limited only by the designer’s imagination.

Why do some people prefer outdoor dog parks?

Some people don’t like indoor dog parks simply because they are artificial. Dog’s, despite their training and centuries of human assimilation, are essentially wild animals. Some owners simply prefer walking their dog in the wild, where the animal once roamed. They see indoor dog parks as fake or inferior.

There are also dog owners that prefer a larger area to exercise in. An indoor dog park is going to be the size of a garage or perhaps a warehouse, whereas an outdoor one can take up an entire stretch of land. Some dogs and their owners feel cramped in the type of confined space some indoor parks provide.

So which park is better?

Although most indoor dog parks charge their clients, they still stand above traditional outdoor dog parks. A dog must be kept active year-round. In some places, especially during the winter, taking your dog outside for exercise just isn’t an option. Indoor dog parks allow owners and pets to control their fitness levels without any outside influence.

Dog parks, regardless of their location or creation, are an excellent way to keep animals healthy and humans engaged. They are a crucial element in the pet-owner relationship, as well as important in keeping both animals – the dog and the owner – fit.

Photo: Flickr