House Training an Adult Dog

Any dog, regardless of age, can be house trained. All it takes is patience, consistency, and the right method. In some ways training adult dogs can be more challenging than training puppies. They have had time to develop bad habits that can be hard to break. But older dogs also learn quickly and will retain the lessons they are taught. Once you establish a new schedule and teach your dog better habits accidents in your home will be a rare occurrence.
Before you begin training you must first make some preparations. Identify where in your home the dog eliminates most often. Thoroughly clean these areas to remove all trace of urine or feces odor. You also need to start confining your dog to one area of the house until it is reliably trained. Baby gates can be useful to block off a space for your dog. Limiting his access to the rest of the house will help you control accidents. Also because dogs are less likely to eliminate in their personal living space it will be easier to encourage your pet to go outside.
Dogs learn best when they are kept on a consistent schedule. Depending on your dog’s size and age it may need to go out every 2-4 hours. Take him out first thing in the morning and at the same times throughout the day even if he doesn’t need to go. You will also need to carefully observe your dog for the first few weeks and stop him if he looks like he is about to go in the house. Do not punish your dog when this happens. Instead take him out immediately and let him finish.
Feeding your dog at the same time every day will also help establish a house training schedule. Dogs will usually need to eliminate after a meal. This is a good way for you predict when he might need to go outside. Having appropriately portioned meals spaced throughout the day will also help maintain your dog’s digestive health.
This method should work for most dogs as long as you are consistent. But some dogs may have health or behavior issues that will require extra attention. If you are still having difficulty house training consult a vet and a professional trainer. Do not give up on your adult dog. Successful house training will greatly improve your relationship with your pet.