Hagen Dog Park

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2197 Chase Dr
Rancho Cordova, California - CA US
Size: 2 large dog areas, one small dog area
Surface: Cement, grass
Fee: none
Organizing Body: Cordova Recreation and Park District
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Dog Park Description

Grand Opening May 22, 2010, 1pm to 3pm
Woofstock Event

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Dog Park Reviews

  1. Chris Stola on said:

    I’m giving the Hagan Community Dog Park low marks even though I generally like it because of the following SERIOUS WARNING to anyone using it. This park is regularly frequented by people with the kinds of personality disorders that push them to train their dogs (usually pit bulls) to be extremely aggressive. (not condemning the breed, just the LACK of breeding of their owners).

    My sweet Cockapoo went running up to a couple of these dogs and was immediately mauled by three pit bulls. As I was pulling them off, I was bitten as well. The owners screamed that when pit bulls are in the dog park, no one else should use it.

    It’s miscreants like these that give the breed its bad rap. They should exercise their attack dogs in a pit, like the name suggests. What’s next.. a 4 year old child?

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