Granby Dog Park

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215 Salmon Brook Street
Granby, Connecticut - CT US
Surface: High grade playgound mulch.
Organizing Body: D.O.G.G.S.
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Dog Park Description

Granby D.O.G.G.S. Park is an off leash dog park located within Salmon Brook Park in Granby, Connecticut. The public dog park was opened in 2006. There is a water source for dogs within the park and a fresh water brook behind the park.

Dog Park Rules:

The Town of Granby is not responsible and shall have no liability for the acts or omissions of individuals or their animals that utilize the dog park. You are liable for any injury or damage caused by your animal. Owners and canines enter at their own risk.

Dogs must have a valid license, be current on their shots, and wear a collar with identification.
Choke, prong, pinch, and spiked collars must be removed when your dog is within the dog park.
Carry a leash at all times. Leash your dog when entering and exiting the dog park and IMMEDIATELY upon any sign of aggression.
Keep your dog within view and under voice control. Never leave your dog unattended.
Clean up after your dog anywhere within the park and outside the off-leash area. Dispose of waste properly, utilizing appropriate waste receptacle
Immediately fill in any holes your dog digs
Prohibited animals: aggressive dogs, female dogs in heat, dogs younger than four months, and sick dogs.
Limit three (3) dogs per person per visit.
Smoking is not permitted within the dog park
Children under the age of 8 are NOT ALLOWED in the park. Children over 8 must be accompanied by an adult with a dog.
No bicycles within the dog park.
No food or drink (except for training treats) allowed within the dog park.

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Dog Park Reviews

  1. Patt Juliano on said:

    The Granby D.O.G.G.S.* Park is the first public off-leash canine park established in Farmington Valley and has become the benchmark for how a public, though privately funded, dog park should be managed. The park is maintained by dedicated volunteers (*Dog Owners of Granby Getting Social) who help keep the park clean and raise funds to keep it open to the general public all year long. There is no fee to use the park and all visitors are welcome. The park surface is high grade playgound mulch and has picnic tables and park benches, shaded areas, a water source for the dogs within the park and a fresh water brook behind the park. It’s a wonderful place to bring your canine companion and a great place to meet new people as well!

  2. Mary Lynn Maliga on said:

    Just wanted to say how much I love your park. It’s so nice to take my dog. Plus everyoe I’ve met human & canine have been wonderful. You do a wonderful job.

  3. EllaBella on said:

    Grateful for this dog haven and that it’s open to the public! It’s well designed and well cared for by those that use it. My pup had a great today even in the snow! She napped the rest of the day! I’m happy to donate to keep this park going – kudos to the founders!

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