Dog Trivia

Want to know some interesting things about dogs? Read on…

Medical records indicate that heart attack patients who own dogs show a notably better-than-average chance of survival. The same is not true of cat owners, who recover at the same rate as non-pet owners.
In 1905, the first canine movie star was featured in “Rescued by Rover”. The name Rover, uncommon until then, became popular.
Today ‘Max’ continues to be the most popular dog name in the US, while Rover comes in at 2,866th place, according to Veterinary Pet insurance.
Female dog bites are twice as numerous as male dog bites.
2% of households with pets have pet insurance, up from .5% in 2002.
The National Retail Federation estimates that for Valentine’s Day 2009 people spent $67.22 on their partner and $2.17 on their pet.
45% of all US homes include a dog, and there are 74.8 million dogs in the US. In 2008, it was estimated that Americans spent $43.8 billion on their pets.