Dog Park Games

People love to spend time with their dogs, and dog parks provide a great way for your dog to play games, learn tricks and make new friends and bond with you. These parks are large and open, making them a perfect option for bigger dogs and dogs with lots of energy to burn. There is no limit to the fun things you can do with your dog at a dog park. Here are just a few examples.

Tug of War

Tug of war is an exciting game for your dog, and satisfies natural instincts related to hunting. The act of pulling with great force on an object builds your dog’s muscles and increases his or her strength, as well as boosting confidence.


Although cliche, this game is exciting for your dog and provides good cardiovascular exercise. Be careful, though, as other dogs may run off with the object you’re throwing!


Frisbees provide a more challenging object for your dog to catch or retrieve than a stick or a ball, and will help to improve your dog’s reflexes and coordination. They also fly further, meaning that your dog gets a better workout.

Find the Object

Dogs are predatory by nature, and enjoy hunting. Try hiding a favorite toy or treat nearby and let your dog find it. This will enhance his or her problem solving skills, senses and memory.


Grab your roller blades or skateboard, put a leash on your dog and have him or her pull you. Obviously, this activity is only appropriate for larger dogs, but it is an excellent form of exercise for your dog.

Self Control and Obedience

Many dogs, especially puppies, tend to get overexcited in a new place or around other dogs and people. Taking your dog to the dog park provides an opportunity for your dog to learn restraint and obedience, as well as gaining socialization.

Lots of dogs also enjoy the water, and can indulge in water sports if there is a pond located at the dog park. If your dog is afraid of the water or doesn’t know how to swim, this is a great opportunity to work on it. Water loving dogs will enjoy retrieving floating objects that you throw from the shore, as well as diving, or running and taking a flying leap into the water. This also provides a foundation for learning water rescue and assistance work.