Dog Health FAQs

Accidents can happen anytime and in any place. Just as humans need health insurance to help them in cases of emergencies or injurious accidents, pet owners can benefit from having some form of pet insurance to protect their furry family members. Whether illness strikes, your pet sustains physical injury, or even their emotional well being is threatened, having pet insurance can help mitigate the costs of providing quality health care and emergency care for your dog.

For many dog owners, taking their pet to a dog park or placing them in a dog run is an excellent form of exercise for their companion. Unfortunately, even with conscientious owners, accidents can happen. Encountering an unfriendly dog at the park or an injury sustained from a rusted piece of metal in a dog run, can put your dog at immediate risk for injury. And with these kinds of injuries the chances of infection or the transmission of disease are high.

Even when your dog is socializing with other dogs and animals, it can put your dog at risk if the other animal has not been vaccinated or is carrying some kind of disease. Should you suspect your dog has been exposed to some kind of illness or sustained some kind of injury, it is important to seek out medical attention as soon as an accident or injury occurs to prevent future complications.

Having pet insurance can help ensure you will never find yourself choosing between a large vet bill and your own living costs. Just as human doctors are expensive, and sometimes even more so, visits to the vet can often lead to a bill.

Unfortunately, there is no way to predict when injuries or accidents will happen and often times, they come when you least expect it or are least financially prepared for it. Pet insurance can help with the costs of medical care, no matter when disaster or injury might strike.