Cherry Creek State Park Dog Park

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4201 South Parker Road
Aurora, Colorado - CO US
Phone: 303-690-1166
Hours: 5:00 AM - 10:00 PM Daily
Fee: Required in for the Dog Off-Leash Area (in addition to a Parks Pass for vehicle entrance) $2 Daily or $20 Annual.
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Dog Park Description

Attracting over 11 million visitors per year, Colorado’s 42 State Parks are a vital cornerstone in Colorado’s economy and quality of life, offering some of the highest quality outdoor recreation destinations in the state.

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Dog Park Reviews

  1. Lee Thrailkill on said:


    We have lived on the Park border of CCSP for over 40 years. The off leash dog walking area in the Park has been enjoyed by us and many other dog walkers for years. You have ruined what was once a very natural, wild, beautiful and peaceful part of the CCSP. The fact that the Park was left wild and free for so many years, allowing people to walk their dogs off leash and free, has been dramatically changed in the last few months. The Parks people said that the dog people were ruining the “wild and natural look of the park”. Well, just look at it now!!! As I look out of my window at the park I see an abomination of fences, and huge ugly man-made tractor roads that have destroyed the wild beauty of the Park! SHAME on the designers and planners of this excuse of a “plan”. SHAME ON THE “POWERS THAT BE” for such an ugly and costly project, which was NOT NECESSARY AND IS WASTEFUL OF OUR “DOG WALKING BADGE MONEY” AND OUR TAX DOLLARS! It is obvious that the “powers that be” did not cunsult any of the dog walkers, nor anyone with any knowledge of dog behaviors prior to authorizing this FIASCO. The fencing does not have a logical pattern of entering nor leaving. By making the once open and free roaming area smaller, the behavior of dogs regarding territorial protecting instincts is greatly enhanced, thus will cause dog fights, that were avoided previously because of the “no TERRITORY atmosphere”. By bringing the fence into a once free roaming area, making it much smaller and less free, you have caused the Coyotes to become cornered, and may in the future incurage coyote and dog fights. You have also ruined a free roaming area for the deer. I only hope I never have to see a young deer caught and tangled and left to die in the ugley and unnecessary fence now encloses the off leash dog walking area. This totally unnessary project was never presented to an openly advertized informed audience. The parks never asked those of us who pay for the use of this area of CCSP for any input, nor did they make any effort to advertise the possibility of this project. I say again – SHAME ON ALL OF YOU WHO HAVE MADE THIS AREA OF CCSP LOOK SO UGLY AND UNNATURAL!!! WHERE ARE YOUR CONSERVATION MANAGEMENT SKILLS?????????? SHAME! SHAME! SHAME!

  2. Steve F. on said:

    This is a really great place now that they have added the fencing to keep the dogs enclosed. My dog is a wanderer and I just can’t take him to wide open spaces this close to cars and trucks so thanks to the CCSP for fencing this area and providing a safe environment. It may not be as big as Chatfield but its a great local place to take the dog and enjoy the area.

  3. Sandy Kinslow on said:

    My Golden Retrievers and I are very greatful to have such a wonderful place so close to home for off leash fun and exercise. Are the plans posted anywhere? Is it just a paved parking lot and restrooms going in? Just curious. I too hope that the entrance won’t stay the way it is today with a long narrow area for everyone to pass through. Last week was the first time I had another dog be aggressive towards one of my dogs and it was in that narrow entrance. The other dog owner clearly knew she had an aggressive dog and should have kept it on a leash in that area. It sure would be wonderful if we could have a lake similar to the lake at Chatfields dog park. My Son and I sell homes all around this area and we always tell everyone with dogs about the park. It is a big selling point for many dog loving people and is one of the many things in this area that keeps our home values up.

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