Central Bark

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2251 N. First Avenue
Evansville, Indiana - IN US
Size: 2 Acres
Surface: flat grassy areas
Hours: 24/7 key membership
Fee: $25/per dog per year
Organizing Body: Evansville Dog Owners Group
501c: yes 501c3
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Dog Park Description

From the Evansville Dog Owners Group: “Central Bark, Evansville’s Dog Park began when several folks joined together to ask the City of Evansville for a Dog Park. At first we were laughed at even though statistics show dog owners are plentiful and were interested in a park. Finally after requesting sites all over the City literally for years, they agreed to let us have a Dog Park in Kleymeyer Park which is a former dump. Afraid of lawsuits, the City required us to allow attendance only through membership with a strong set of rules.

The only thing the City agreed to pay for was the lights for security. We held bake sales, dinners and BBQs, finally purchased over 300 truck loads of dirt for the first acre, and Central Bark was borne. Our only supporters were the Evansville Kennel Club who paid for the first acre of fence. None of us are wealthy but we have worked very hard over the years to make it the best we could. It is true that we have glass come up through the ground occasionally but keep in mind this is the same ground that right now holds three baseball fields that are played on all summer and several makeshift football fields that children play on all fall and some of the winter.

The risk of aggressive dogs is greatly reduced by our membership and is much safer by far than a park that is open to anyone who wants to bring their dog to a dog park. We require any dogs entering to be vaccinated and socialized. Dogs with problems are encouraged to “work” on their problems with a professional trainer before they come back.

EDOG Membership

EDOG members support the organization’s mission and projects. Membership dues are $30 per year. EDOG is supported entirely by membership dues and contributions.

This dog park has lights, benches, trees, and some agility equipment and you must register here to gain entry. This dog park is supported by The Evansville Dog Owners Group (EDOG) and the land is supplied by the City.”

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