Buchanan Park Dog Park

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905 Buchanan Ave.
Lancaster, Pennsylvania - PA US
Surface: Grass
Fee: Free to use
Organizing Body: City of Lancaster
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Dog Park Description

Off leash dog area located in Buchanan Park. Please clean up after your dog and follow the rules of the park.

2012 winner of the Beneful Dream Dog Park contest.

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Dog Park Reviews

  1. ryan on said:

    NO GRASS. All Mulch. Dogs that shouldn’t be allowed to be around other dogs, owners that shouldn’t own dogs, and overall just dirty. Lancaster needs another option…badly

  2. Lonnie on said:

    The Park is really nice, the astro turf relieves the worry of all the grass turn yellowing and dying. There are separate sides for small and large dogs. The large majority of visitors respect the space (pick up after your dog/those who don’t can ruin this parks reputation and my shoes). We have half as much fun watching as our dogs do playing.

  3. David on said:

    The park is small and our larger breed dogs enjoyed themselves even though space is limited and they interacted well with other dogs and the responsible pet owners.

    Dog owners beware however!!! The plastic indoor/outdoor carpet appears to be a godsend but we had horrible results. As we were about to leave we noticed two of the pads on one of our dogs two front paws were blood red. He was very active and doing a lot of running and stopping on the plastic carpet and the carpet wore off the skin on both paws requiring a vet visit. He has to wear special socks for two weeks until it heals. I foresee this happening to other dogs in the future so I just wanted to make people aware of our situation. Won’t be going back again.

  4. Jody on said:

    I take my dog here frequently she loves the water part the problem is people allow there childten to play in it as we’ll last week a man was there with his two kids they were playing in the water part kept running up and pushing the button I don’t want to be a party pooper but my dog is Leary of young kids as well as I see other dogs the same I asked the man to allow myth dog in the water for his kids to get out he was nice and did so but then they left and they did not even have a dog my point is this is a dog Park not for kids but unfortunately I see this behavior A lot even with people who have dogs and kids

  5. Teresa on said:

    My kids and I were going to take our dogs to visit the park but after the last persons post I guess I won’t. A dog park should be a family friendly place and if there are so many people that don’t want families around as the person implied who want to go there

  6. Kathy on said:

    My dog and I went to this park last Sunday. She had a blast. She was running all around and playing with all the other dogs. She is a small pit bull mix and had loads of fun. I drove 40 mins to get to the park and plan on going back in the future.

  7. Lisa on said:

    The park itself is nice, it is definitely aesthetically pleasing. Lots of space for pups to run and romp. I visited the park three times and every single time I had an issue not with the park but other pet owners or random children walking through. I do feel as though pet owners do not pay attention to their dogs at time and that can get very annoying, especially when there dogs need redirection. And if you have a stereotyped breed such as a Pitbull, German Shepard, or a Rottweiler forget it. Everyone will be up in arms even if they are gentle and service trained. How unfortunate.

  8. Tina on said:

    We took our four dogs there today. Our biggest dog is 6 pounds. The park is very nice. Our dogs and us had a great time. The rules are 30 pounds and under on small side. There were dogs over 30 pounds on the small side. It would be wonderful if the weight rule was followed. I have nothing against dogs over 30 pounds, but I am thinking of the safety of the little dogs.

  9. Lynn on said:

    Drove 45 minutes to bring my two dogs to the park for the first time after reading about it online. The park was very nice and clean. I met some very nice pet parents. I went during the weeks so there weren’t very many people there. I was on the big dog side that doesn’t have much shade and the indoor/outdoor carpet gets pretty hot. My poor dogs were having a hard time walking because their paws were getting hot so they stayed in the little bit of shade there was and didn’t play much. The water area gave a bit of relief. I noticed, however, the small dog side was practically shaded. I would be nice to have a bit more shade on the big dog side. I would like to go again, but maybe later in the year when it isn’t so hot. Maybe my dogs will enjoy it more.

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