Big Pine Bark Park

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South St
Big Pine Key, Florida - FL US
Size: Pretty Big! Nice large dog area and a seperate small dog area.
Surface: grass / sand
Hours: dawn to dusk
Fee: Free
Organizing Body: The Big Pine Bark Park is a not for profit organization operating under the BPAA (Big Pine Athletic Association)

Dog Park Description

The Big Pine Bark Park is open! Located on South St at Key Deer Blvd, at Watson Feild, behind the baseball diamond. South St is an unpaved road, parking area is paved. Mile Marker 30, bayside

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Dog Park Reviews

  1. Joy Parks on said:

    Ransom loves it here. He’s kind of a laid-back dude, but he likes the space. We lived on a rural property in N. Mi before we came here. Now he has only a tiny coral covered yard. Big Pine Bark Park offers him the space and grass he enjoys rolling in. Thank you to the fine people who maintain this clean, safe dog park.

  2. Sue Marburger on said:

    I am not going to write the whole bloody horrible experience again. Save yourself the grief and go to the KW or Marathon dog park. They are all well maintained but you will find better behaved dogs that enter the park on leashes in KW and Marathon. NO big dogs attacking your dogs and drawing blood and knocking you down like Big Pine Key

  3. S G Dreker on said:

    We bring our two labs to this park whenever we are in town. The early morning crowd is always friendly and our dogs love playing with the other dogs and splashing in the wading pools. Now that the trees are getting bigger there is more shade for hot days and there is a nice mix of grassy areas and sandy area for play and sniffing.

  4. Diane on said:

    This is great park that was sorely needed in the lower keys area. There is a very large, fenced in area and a separate fenced area for small dogs. It is very well maintained, with a water source for drinking and a doggie pool. There is a grassy area and a beach sand area for dogs to get a good run in. There are chairs and benches for people to sit and conveniently located poop bags and barrels. This was a very well thought out park and a lot of work went in to raise funds to build it.

    People who have rated this park low did so because of the bad experiences they’ve had with other dogs at the park, not the quality of the park itself. Encouraging people not to go to this park because of their bad experiences is unfair and, frankly, childish.

    My only suggestion is to change the watering hose because it is full of mildew and you can smell and taste it. I let the hose run for about 30 seconds to get the standing water out of it before filling the bowl.

  5. Sharon on said:

    Large obese man with two modsize dogs made our 1st visit s nightmare. My 12 wk old puppy and i were victims of attacks. They jumped on my pup til i pic k ed her up, then started jumping and clawing me. All the msn could do was scream at them. Took everything we could do to get to the gate. do sad, he stayed, we had to leave.

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