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It's natural for a dog to want to socialize and play with other dogs, and a dog park is the perfect setting for your dog to be able to run free without having to worry about getting into trouble. A dog park or dog run is a place where dogs can get exercise, play with other dogs, or just rest in a comfortable and controlled setting.

Just about every city and town in the United States and Canada has a dog park, and is your source to find off leash dog parks and dog runs. Read about the features of your local dog park, get directions, find the hours of operation, and learn about what your local dog park has to offer.

Some dog parks cater to large dogs, while others are specifically for smaller dogs. There are some parks that are free and open to the public, while other parks are privately maintained and have a fee. Before you visit a local dog park, you should visit to read all about it.

With, you can easily search for dog parks in your neighborhood or city / town. makes it easy to find an offleash dog park right in your neighborhood.